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What is Clubinghood

Clubinghood is a social networking platform that allows strangers to connect with each other based on their common love for parties.Choose a place, Swipe, Chat and plan a party together It’s that simple .!!



All your favourite clubs and pubs made better with Clubinghood. It offers a wide variety of clubs to check out and many new clubs and pubs to explore with discounts, updates and exclusive guest list entries. You can find all the parties in town on your phone through the app. Meet you at the bar?


With clubinghood we offer you a chance to mingle up with new people and party with them without fear of judgement. Just download app decide place and time where you want to party tonight and voila you have a date tonight. Although if you are not polite and charming enough probably there is nothing we can do so bring your A game with you.

We serve society on your behalf while you party !!

Clubinghood wants everyone to have a good time not just affluent. So we have come up with a system where everytime you guys go on a date with someone you met on clubinghood, we make sure underprivileged kids get their share of fun by reaching out to various foundations working for them and providing them monetary support.


Think you have what it takes to add party to everyone’s night? Come join the Clubinghood team and make your work life a party! Apply now! APPLY NOW !

Dont want to go stag at a club ? Get app now.

"The more people you like the more donation we will make for the homeless kids. So dance the night away and we will take care of homeless kids on your behalf."